Rules and Policies

Please see the Liability Waver and provide a signed copy acknowledging your consent before accessing the space. You must be capable of legally signing the policy to enter / use the space. Safety Basics:

  • Workin by yourself is prohibited
  • User supplies and wears their own safety glasses
  • Proper shoes are required at all times (no bare feet or flip-flops)
  • Hearing protection is your responsibility - bring ear plugs
  • Dust masks may be available, if in doubt, bring your own
  • Your emergency contact information must be on file
  • Know the nearest phone/help location
  • Proper storage, labeling and disposal of fuels, chem, lube and other materials is your responsibility
  • Clean up after yourselves!

Tool Checkout Procedures:

  1. All tools must be signed out and returned before closing. Checklist must be verified by trustee prior to lockup. 
  2. Some tools require a training from a trustee prior to use (CNC mill, lathe)
  3. Heavy machinery requires "certification" course before use.
  4. End user is responsible for ensuring all tools signed out are returned before leaving.
  5. Tools damaged or destroyed by end user must be replaced either directly or by barter.
  6. Clean the area that you worked in!
  7. Note any problems with tools or heavy machinery on problem sheet.

Consumable Supplies Policy:

  • Any consumable supply you wish to donate for free use, you should put green paint on it or something (donation box supplies are free)
  • Soldering supplies(solder) are free
  • Parts must be checked out and totaled (tab system or up front payment)