Available Tools

Tools Currently Available:

3 axis vertical CNC Mill with tool changer
horizontal mill
metal lathe (12x36?)
sheet metal shear
TIG and wirefeed MIG welding machine
drill press
bandsaw for wood or aluminum only
vacuum pump
vacuum coffin
vacuum pot
paint sprayer
bench grinders and wire wheel
bench sander
cut off saw
Table saw
Circ saw
Jig saw
iron worker (metal stock cutter and notcher)
hand and air riveter
hand drills
Fein tool
wrenches and sockets and other hand tools
hydraulic "cherry picker"
electric forklift
rotary phase converter for 3-phase equip (built not tested)
Hot glue gun
All-in-one printer
Computer projector and screen
public consumables cabinet for donated solder, welding wire, fiberglass/resin, etc...

Member owned tools not in shop (yet):

rotary tool (dremel)
Radial Arm saw
Pro Battery Charger/starter 12V, jb
sheet metal brake
Circuit board bubbler for etching + Chemicals (developer / HCL + Peroxide for cupric chloride etching)
bandsaw for steel
arbor press
NI PXI DAQ hardware
Mototron embedded controllers
Hi-8 Video camera (not Digital)
Video capture board

Tools Wishlist:

3d Printer (reprap) (See the projects page)
Multimeter (Cat3 rated)

Hot Wire tool (bending acrylic)
Hot wire foam cutter

digital variable power supply
oxy acetylene torch
laser cutter
3d laser scanner

fume hood

Waveform generator
metalcasting tools/equipment

tube bender
reflow soldering oven (electric toaster/frying pan diy type)
hydraulic press
HiPot electrical safety gloves
Electric metal foundry
Crucible (steel would work, fabricate ourselves)
Casting mould boxes
Green Sand
Sand Sifter
Foundry safety equipment (leather apron, welding gloves, leather braces, wire mesh face shield, leather shoe covers)
Cell welder for building battery packs